Our office primarily focuses on divorce, legal separation, parenting visitation schedules, and adoption with a preference for collaboration whenever possible.

Facing Uncertanties in a Safe Space

Ending a marriage can be a particularly challenging event, involving many uncertainties and emotions.  If divorce or separation is unavoidable or in your best interest, our office may be able to assist you in finding resolutions that make the most sense for your family in a supported environment. At Brinson & Heinz, we are sensitive to the emotions and legal confusion that this area of law often involves.

The Collaborative Process

Collaborative Law differs from traditional litigation in that it is client-driven, as opposed to controlled by the court system. Through a series of individual attorney-client and team meetings, clients retain 100% control over the outcome. However, like all successful teamwork, it requires commitment to the process and not all attorneys are trained for the complexities of a collaborative resolution.

We endeavor to represent our clients in the most effective way possible. Please call us to discuss the specifics of your case. For a full list of Whatcom Collaborative Professionals in our area see https://whatcomcollaborativelaw.com/

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